Hawaii Adventure Dog for Adoption 


“KEY-ARE-UH” means bright energy 🌟

Healthy athletic girl. Seeking forever home with other dogs on large fenced property.  Knows many commands, eager to learn. Great potential as a livestock guardian with the right training. Child-free home would be best. Potty trained, fully vaxxed, takes monthly preventative tablet.  Gets along great with other dogs. 

Healthy athletic intelligent. High energy Border Collie, pitt, german shepherd  mix. 
Seeking forever home with other dogs on large fenced property. Loves walk s/ runs every morning and evening, into agility training. Great potential as a livestock guardian. 
  • Female
  • 2 years old( born ~7/15/2020)
  • 51 lbs
  • Fixed/ microchipped
  • Potty trained
  • Fully vaccinated/ heartworm checked
  • Takes monthly flea/ heartworm prevention tablet 

What i can do: 

  • Sit 
  • Shake
  • Stay
  • Wait 
  • Look (into my eyes- connect) 
  • Come (good recall)
  • Go to my “place” and wait for food
  • Ok (release to bowl of food)
  • Ok (release out of car)
  • Up Up (into the  car) 
  • Catch treat/toy in the air on 1,2,3
  • Fetch 
  • Go get it
  • Let it go – toy / tug 
  • Leave it. 
  • Jump over agility hurdles

Words I know

  • Yes 
  • No
  • Good girl
  • Outside
  • Go for a walk
  • Go for a ride
  • Biscuit
  • Drink Drink (water) 
  • Yum Yums- (feedings- kibble)
  • Kisses
  • Gentle 
  • All done
  • Bye bye
  • Peoples’ names- “go see – x“
  • Toy names: “ go get “ Bone, ball, mr fox, stick 

What i like:

  • Waking up at 6 am 
  • Structured walks
  • Offleash nature walks  ( muzzle-trained )
  • Swimming in tidepools
  • Dog friends 
  • Playing catch/fetch/ball/ frisbee/ stick 
  • Baths
  • Bellyrubs
  • Naps
  • Frozen Raw marrow bones (beef) 
  • Agility training- hurdles, hoops, etc 

I was found alone,  by the side of the road at 8 weeks old.Abandoned, filled with worms and fleas. My foster mom has taken great care of me, but i need a forever home where i am part of a pack. I’ve had regular play dates and sleepovers with other dogs, but i am the only animal at my foster home, and it leaves me feeling lonely for other dogs.

I can stay outside all day, as long as i have a cool shady spot to nap, and prefer to come inside to sleep at night. I can sleep 10-11 hours straight, and will let you know if i need to go potty. i am very communicative, and i will request morning and evening walks. 

The good-   I am most calm and balanced when i have a dog companion of similar size and energy level, and I have a best friend who is a 60 lb neutered male pitt heeler mix. I am best with teenage children and older, with the right introduction. i keep myself veryclean , and enjoy baths and trips to the groomer! 

The bad- i’m sooo white, i sunburn……especially my eyes. I can be very protective and possessive of my foster mom. I can be reactive on leash to dogs, strangers, and moving objects  such as cars, bikes skateboards,  and motorcycles. My #1 hobby is chasing wild pigs. Not great with cats. 

I’m looking for a LTR❤️ only!!! I want to spend the next – 15 years in a dog pack with an active person / couple/ family who can provide positive training, structure and enforce boundaries, believes in pet vaccination, and will keep up with my routine veterinary care.. Is that you?

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    Mahalo! ❤️